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1st Senior Education and Teaching Forum Drew to A Successful Close

1st Senior Education and Teaching Forum Drew to A Successful Close

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On Sept. 21st, 2016, the 1st Senior Education and Teaching Forum hosted by SETRA drew to a successful close in Shenyang. The conference lasted for two days, and 1500 presidents of private schools from nearly 20 provinces came to attend the conference.

The conference venue

Mr. Huang Yuanwei (Director of Institute of Private Education of Academy of Educational Science in Liaoning Province), Mr. Yu Yongfu (Chairman of Shenyang Private Education Association), Hu Jing (Director of Office of Private Education Management of Shenyang Education Bureau) as well as other private education managers of district education bureaus attended the conference.

Mr. Li Jing, the initiator of Chinese elementary education, standing director of China Yanhuang Culture Research Association, and the founder of Unibridge, gave an opening address

Mr. Huang Yuanwei, the director of Institute of Private Education of Academy of Educational Sciences in Liaoning Province, and the secretary-general of Liaoning Association for Non-Government Education

Students of Xianping Academy brought a wonderful performance - Young China (classic sinology) with a resonant voice resounding throughout the conference hall and a heroic style exciting people.

At the conference, a profound and meticulous sharing and outlook on the development of training industry for teachers and education was carried out by Ms. Ji Ying (a notable English teacher in China and initiator of SETRA), Teacher Gao Lu ("Paul in the Educational Field of China", President of Dunhua Chunhua Foreign Language School), Teacher Kang Limei (Distinguished Expert of Family Education of Inner Mongolia Youth Concern Committee), Dr. Zhang Renping (Associate Professor of Capital Normal University), Huiyou Cheng (Initiator of Beidou Strategy engaged in teaching management), Lv Xinyuan (Advisor of Beidou Strategy) and other people, so that presidents and teachers in attendance could see that the Chinese education will provide us with a broad space for development in the future with more confidence in themselves and education.

Katherine Hill, an experienced Cambridge CELTA trainer specially attended the conference for exchange and speech of new ideas and western-style teaching methods so that presidents and teachers in attendance begun to pay more attention to an interactive class.

At the conference hall of Chinese teaching and research, the systematic Chinese teaching and research was expounded from many perspectives by Wang Xianping (President of the Academy of Xianping), Ding Yanwei (Deputy Editor of Journal of the Chinese Language issued by Capital Normal University and Member of China Children's Literature Research Association), Luo Zhu Biao (Founder of Yangguang Wo), Cai Jinning (Director of Department of Chinese Language and Literature of SETRA), and other well-known teachers (Hu Ke, Wang Dan, Jin Ye), and they also emphasized how to inspire students to write beautiful and smooth articles in writing teaching. In addition, teachers in attendance cannot help cheering for the sinology lesson.

At the conference hall of mathematics teaching and research, Jia Rui (famous mathematics teacher in Hohhot of Inner Mongolia), Fan Mingzhou (President of Jia Yi Education) and well-known teachers (Guo Xinhua, Du Yanhai) systematically discussed logical thinking in mathematics, mathematics teaching ideas and teaching attitudes of primary school, junior high school and senior high schools. Also, actual teaching problems were answered on site and teachers in attendance were encouraged to make progress with students together in a loving manner.

At the conference hall of English teaching and research, Katherine Hill (experienced Cambridge CELTA trainer),Ms. Ji Ying, Sun Yan (president of Changchun Bridge Leder), Zhang Yuxin (president of Zhengzhou Trinity Education),Shi Caixia (president of Wuhai Dongfang Education) and well-known teachers (Song Wei, Wang Shuang, Fu Chuanting) communicated with teachers in attendance on the team teaching and research, development of students' critical thinking and ways to bring active learning to English classroom. Teachers in attendance were expected to learn from each other and develop themselves for the most efficient achievement.

The future development of Chinese education is closely related to promotion and development of private education. A good complementation between private education and public education is a great help to forming a healthy development system of Chinese education.

Teachers in attendance seriously recorded the ways to improve teaching for later deep understanding.

At break time, Mr. Li Jing, the president of Unibridge and teachers in attendance discussed the future of education and path for education.

As the vigorous development of private education, private education has currently played an increasingly important role in students' preparation for entrance examinations, studying abroad, improving students' foreign language skills, enhancing cultural qualities, family education and other aspects. At the same time, private education has covered cities at all levels in China with a large proportion in the field of education. In another word, private education, as a potential source of Chinese educational innovation, impacts Chinese education to a certain extent.

However, the educational philosophy and the teaching level of private education have always been different and there are few opportunities for academic exchanges among the educational institutions. At the exchange conference, Chinese and foreign teaching experts were gathered together to present advanced teaching ideas and methods of private education as well as provide academic instruction through joint teaching and research, which was of great significance to standardizing Chinese private education and indicated that academic exchanges on private education were gradually on the right track.

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