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2016 SETRA Senior Teacher Training—Wuhan

2016 SETRA Senior Teacher Training—Wuhan

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SETRA senior teacher training held in Wuhan Ji Hotel Conference Hall from the 20th to the 21st of April, 2016, ended with a great success. Nearly a hundred of key teachers and teaching leaders from nationwide education institutions attended this teaching training of New Concept English.


Jane Ji, the Head of SETRA (Senior Education and Teaching Research Academy), and Singer Liu, SETRA Senior teacher training trainer, are the two main speakers of this teacher training convention. Combining with ten years’ senior English teaching practice in courses of champion cultivation, two trainers explained the teaching key points focusing on New Concept English I&II based on the current problems that English training teachers met in class. The key points included key vocabularies, speaking topics, background culture, key structures, core grammar, and teaching students how to absorb these maximally to improve both ability and scores. Two days’ training enriched every attendee. The training combining teaching theory with live class, its vitality and immediacy can both reach the height of leading teachers and can be used in actual class. The attended teachers communicated with senior teaching trainers face to face, which solved teaching questions in time.


Share from teachers attended the training in Wuhan

Teacher Ni—

Unibridge mastered accurately about the teaching material New Concept English. They put every lesson into a continuous system instead of separating them from other lessons. They correlate relevant courses, which is quite clear not only for students to learn but also for teachers to teach.


Teacher Lu—

To be honest, as a green hand in education, the impact from this training made me reflect on my teaching method, and also gave me a clear aim on allocation of class themes.


Teacher M—

I’m lucky to have a chance to attend this training convention. It’s beneficial and inspirational. In class, I should be more innovative, and give students more chances to present and express themselves. At the same time, I also need to improve my abilities and try to make the students to be ahead on the path of studying English.


Teacher Sun—

New Concept English is a series of high-end teaching material, which depends on teachers how to master the book. I should do teaching and research diligently and try my best to teach every lesson. It will not only accomplish students, but also ourselves. One can become more excellent with excellent people.


Teacher Hu—

Passionate trainers, diligent students, progressive teaching method… I still have a lot to learn.