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SETRA·920丨A Grand Gathering of Teaching and Research to Support Law on the Promotion of Private Education

SETRA·920丨A Grand Gathering of Teaching and Research to Support Law on the Promotion of Private Education

SETRA·920丨A Grand Gathering of Teaching and Research to Support Law on the Promotion of Private Education

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This September, as the new revised Law on the Promotion of Private Education comes into effect, there comes a feast in the field of China non-government education — the 2nd China International Teaching and Research Convention. From the 19th to the 20th of September, almost 2000 people, including experts, teachers, principals and scholars from all parts of China, the UK, the United States and other countries, gathered in Dalian World Expo Center to attend thesis seminars about teaching research and education leadership.




The China International Teaching and Research Convention is launched and organized by “SETRA (Senior Education Teaching and Research Academy)”, a Chinese non-government education teaching and research institution. The convention aims to organize and promote the teachers in non-government institutions to learn from each other, to improve teaching quality and to build a platform for developing international communication.



On the opening of the convention, John Li, Executive Director of China Yanhuang Culture Research Association specializing in children enlightenment education, Director of the Professional Committee of Training and Education, China Association for Non-Government Education, Founder of Unibridge International Education Group, made a speech on behalf of the host.



Yongfu Yu, Vice-President of Liaoning Association for Non-Government Education, President of Shenyang Association for Non-Government Education, and Ken Li, Senior Business Development Manager-East Asia of Cambridge English Language Assessment, attended to give a speech. The related heads and officers of Shenyang and Dalian Association for Non-Government Education and the Department of Non-Government Education Management, Education Bureau were in attendance at the convention.



Then, Changhe Chen, Deputy Dean of Beijing Huayue Education Research Institute, Former Deputy Director of Non-Government Education Department of Wenzhou Education Bureau, who participated in amending the new Law on the Promotion of Non-Government Education, made a detailed analysis on the opportunity and future for non-government education according to Law on the Promotion of Non-Government Education.



Dominique Vouillemin, CELTA teacher trainer of Cambridge English Language Assessment, shared on some issues in teacher professional development. Rui Jia, from Haole Examination Research Institute, was known as famous maths teacher to give more than 100 public lectures about education each year, which were widely praised by many parents.



The Associate Director for Curriculum and Instruction at the College and Letters, Michigan State University, the Co-organizer of National Geographic Learning Symposium, Lawrence J. Zwier, is the Co-chairman of TESOL English Teaching Materials Department, a lecturer of the forum and the reviewer of proposals as well, with a solid background in English education. He shared his ideas on how teachers can promote fluency in reading.



The last speaker of the opening, Jane Ji is founder of SETRA and also the famous English educator in China. She shared that during more than ten years’ teaching in the field of non-government education, she has devoted herself to education, her students and her elite teaching team, desiring to explore advanced English teaching and research. Groups of her students have been admitted to the top universities in the world, such as Cambridge University, UCL and so on. She not only does a good job in teaching, but also leads non-government English teacher to promote teaching and research in China and opens up the access to international teaching and research. In the year of 2017, she got the offer of MPhil from Cambridge University and was to pursue advanced studies. It is a teacher in non-government institution with her persevering enterprising spirit that has impressed everyone at the convention.



On the four sessions, about 50 experts or educators gave lectures to share their ideas or opinions, including: Steve Brent, the cooperator and ex-CEO of IH London - a teacher licensing institution recognized by the Cambridge English Language Assessment; Jeffrey L. Chandler, Educational Consultant of COBB County School District in Georgia, Teacher Trainer of Georgia Department of Education; Nick Pettingale, Fellow of the Institute of Development Professionals in Education, Deputy Head of Ellesmere College, UK; Jonathan Whitehouse, Director of Alpha Plus Group (Asia); Dr. Jing Li, English teaching researcher of Liaoning Research and Training Center for Basic Education; Dr. Xuyang Feng, Founder of free sinology lectures for the public, and so on.



Zizi Ye, a Wuhan famous writer who is active in children’s education, Internet and also camps and outdoor education, gave her speech about the exploration into children’s creative reading and writing. Xianping Wang, Founder of Xianping Sinology Academy, expressed her thoughts and feelings on the studies of Chinese ancient civilization. Jinning Cai, Head of Sinology Department in SETRA, shared her ideas on poetic imagery and writing. Haiming Li, Chinese teaching of Unibridge International Education, talked about how to carry on critical thinking on class for humanistic and formative education. Both Yongchang Yu, famous educational specialist, and Haimei Li, maths teacher maths, made their speeches on teaching revolution under the background of exam-oriented education. Dejun Cao, top teacher of mathematics teaching and tutorship for the College Entrance Examination, had a talk about the creative education of teaching thoughts in class and innovation on teaching skills. On the session of education leadership, Lu Gao, Founder of Dunhua Chunhua English Language Training School, the model of self-improvement in Chinese education circles, honoured as “Pavel Korchagin in the Educational Field of China”, gave his speech titled by Take the Lead to Gain Trust Even Without a Word, which inspired all the principals in attendance.



Till now, the China International Teaching and Research Convention already came to its second year. The convention attracts famous educators and scholars all over the nation and overseas to develop mutual teaching research, to pay more attention on the sphere of learning, to stick to common development and to participate in international exchanges, which fully highlights its vigour of Chinese non-government education.