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Elementary English Education

Elementary English Education

The high-quality English language training of Unibridge has reached the highest level in China. Unibridge takes a leading role in China’s private education industry. The main English courses opened up for students in our branch schools are New Concept English and upmarket course of IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, etc. Besides, the average IELTS score of our middle school and high school students ranges from 6.5 to 8.5. In recent years, many of our students won the first, second and third place in some national English language competitions, e.g. the“21st Century Cup” National English Speaking Competition hosted by China Daily and 21st Century, CCTV English Talent Competition National Champion (Star of Outlook), National New Concept English Ability Competition hosted by FLTRP, Senior High School Entrance Examination of Shenyang. Meanwhile, Unibridge students continuously enroll in UK boarding high schools with full or half scholarships. Unibridge is the first choice for students who want to be successful English learners.There were ever 15 universities of USA and Cultural and Education Section of British embassy (CESBE) coming to Unibridge to recruit and publicize international education.


The only standing member of FLTRP New Concept English association in Shenyang
Model school for New Concept English course awarded by FLTRP
The only cooperative unit in China with FLTRP on English teacher training project
Cooperative unit with Boston English Language School on TEFL certification
Traditional Chinese Culture Academy for children directly under China Young Pioneers
The audit unit of Traditional Chinese Culture Academy for children authorized by China Young Pioneers
Model Private School awarded by Shenyang Education Bureau
Innovative teaching practice base of Chinese elementary education
Social practice base for Shenyang Normal University graduates