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General Education

General Education




Having been dedicated to elementary educational practice and reform of China, Unibridge founded the “Elementary General Education” in China as well as carrying out the study of humanities in elementary education by publishing the textbook series General Education for Genius. Since systematically carrying out elementary education reform and innovation, Unibridge has drawn the attention of many well-known experts from Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, the School of Chinese Classics of Renmin University of China, Shenyang Normal University and other top universities. Unibridge was invited to attend the International Symposium on Elementary Education. Till now, 120 teaching practice bases of Elementary General Education has been built in China.


  Introduction of General Education for Genius•Four Character Classic
General Education for Genius•Four Character Classic (Chinese•Four Character Classic) selects the essence of Chinese and world culture and history, and key points of important scientific discoveries and science and humanity speculation, radiating from each other, connecting points to plane, structuring the basic knowledge and ideology system of combination of ancient and modern, Chinese and western, arts and science, science and philosophy. It directly covers more than 100 idioms and allusions, poems and songs, about 500 Chinese and foreign celebrities, almost 600 major historical events and scientific inventions, and thoughts of science and humanity, speculation, creativity. The main verse part has 4704 Chinese words, which adopted readable four-character sentence and rhyming structure for children. Rhyme is orderly and the system of text meaning is complete and superior. Every sentence attaches the writer's own rich handwriting annotations with colour illustrations. It perfectly combines the beauty of ancient classical Chinese rhyme and humanity basic knowledge, and integrates literary and intellectual together, which makes the edition read rhythmic and sound sonorous and melodious with grand momentum and highly impelling. The main characteristic of General Education for Genius•Four Character Classic (Chinese•Four Character Classic) is orderly rhythm, entire rhyming, complete text meaning system, and the worldwide vision that traditional classic lacked and the unique speculative perspective of science and humanities. General Education for Genius•Four Character Classic(Chinese•Four Character Classic), as a supplement of traditional children enlightenment, which emphasizes the general education thoughts, gathers multiple characteristics together, is called as the best literature enlightenment classic of four character verse by experts over the last 200 years, especially in adopting verse to edit world culture & history and science & humanities systematically, which is pioneering.



Innovative Achievement of Elementary General Education
The achievement makes up for the lack of the education biased on humanity and enlightenment in Chinese elementary education. With the emphasis on humanity education and cultivation of critical thinking, Elementary General Education has laid the foundation for training more elite students with cross-disciplinary and critical thinking skills. The project is put into practice in more than 120 teaching practice bases throughout China. It covers the concept of education, creation of textbooks, teaching of general education, cultivation of critical thinking, deliberative pedagogy, and some other systematic innovative practices.





Educational Thoughts Innovation
With the essence of Chinese culture and history, world culture and history, science and humanity, Elementary General Education enhances the study of humanities subject in primary education, which will definitely lay essential foundation for cultivating speculative, critical and innovative thinking.


Education System Innovation
Inheriting the traditional Chinese rhythm mode “four-character compound”, Unibridge officially published the textbook series General Education for Genius. It combines traditional enlightenment education and modern humanity education, creates the basic humanities knowledge system by simulating brain tissue structure, and first interpret world culture and history, science and humanity in “four-character compound” rhythm mode.


Teaching Method Innovation
Unibridge adopts deliberative pedagogy in class. It is a student-centered teaching method, which encourages students to join knowledge sharing activities, and improve imagination, expression skills and critical thinking skills. Unibridge regards classroom as a unique social environment, which promotes teams to cooperate, analyze and solve problems, and cultivates leadership skills. Teachers should play the role of guide, which will make students more independent, feel free to share their ideas, and create an active atmosphere for humanities. A meaningful student-family-school partnership should be built, which will help students study in an effective way.