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SETRA Senior Teacher Training of New Concept English in Xi’an Brings to A Successful Close

SETRA Senior Teacher Training of New Concept English in Xi’an Brings to A Successful Close

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From the 14th to 15th of September, SETRA Senior Teacher Training of New Concept English II brought a teaching feast to the teachers in Xi’an. The trainers are Jane Ji, Head of SETRA (Senior Education Teaching and Research Academy) and Aileen Wang, leading trainer of SETRA. And the keynote this time is to summarize and explain the main points of NCE Book II, and to make a conclusion about effective preparations of teaching procedure.



With high qualities of teaching, SETRA attracts much attention. Each year, SETRA is invited to academic forums held by British Embassy or International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language. Having brought the most advanced teaching ideas back, SETRA took plenty of practice in class to summarize the most effective and immediate ways of Chinese students’ English learning. Based on these teaching methods, groups of students have been admitted to the top universities in Britain, America, Singapore and so on with full or partial scholarship. SETRA has been invited to lots of large English institutions to undertake teacher training courses, which received overwhelming response. Participates of this training in Xi’an said that they were totally impressed by the advanced teaching philosophy and learnt effective teaching methods in the demo class, which would bring themselves all-round improvement in English teaching.



This training by Jane Ji seems to be a timely help to solve some confused questions and summarize a main line of my teaching. Keep learning at the pace of top teacher, hope to improve my teaching level for my children. 


——Teacher Shi from Sinkiang Alice English


I have two classes of NCE II. One will start next week and the other one has gone to Lesson 50. The training this time is also like a timely help for me to draw a clear line of this book. Besides cultivating student’s basic skill – remembering, there are more important things in the teaching of NCE II, such as understanding, applying, teaching in all sincerity. Telling is not teaching. Listening is not learning.


——Emma English


The morning training has finished. It is no doubt that Jane Ji is a professional English teacher trainer, the information she shared is what we are really in need of. During the only three hours, it makes sense that how to help your students understand to communicate and cultivate the skills to think and express their opinions are really meaningful for English learning. Boring words, grammar and reciting can never consist of NCE II. The teaching method with only boring text reciting will be stale, just like a pool of stagnant water, simple class activities can arouse interests of only beginners, the information with no challenge may only result in boredom. Jane Ji’s detailed explanation instructs me to find my way. Your training course is my No.1.


——Nancy Lee