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Unibridge Teachers Visit America for Educational Exchange

Unibridge Teachers Visit America for Educational Exchange

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As Unibridge becomes increasingly competent and stronger, Unibridge offers a variety of professional development opportunities for teachers, including the partnership between Unibridge and Boston International Academy established for educational exchange and visit. It is the 3rd time Unibridge has sent teachers to Boston International Academy for studying overseas since 2009 and 2010.

On Sept. 23rd, 2011, Headmistress Ji Ying, Ms. Wang Shuang, and Ms. Zou Jie began their U.S. tour for educational exchange.

We wish all Unibridge teachers would study through happiness, make progress in learning, experience learning in a multicultural environment, develop proficiency in language, thus creating an excellent class for children! 

Ceremony held before three of Unibridge teachers visited America for educational exchange