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Congrats to UBE, the Winner of Shenyang English Teaching Contest

Congrats to UBE, the Winner of Shenyang English Teaching Contest

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It is a champion team, as well as the team specialized in cultivating national champions.

Shenyang Basic Teaching Skills Contest for English Teachers of Private Education Institutions hosted by Shenyang Education Bureau, and co-organized by some famous educational institutions, e.g. Xueda, Guanya, Gailun, Feiyue, Yingcai, Jin Yaoshi, etc., lasted for 2 months and ended on Dec. 23rd. Dadong Branch school of Unibridge signed up for the contest and went through to the final with the highest score in the first round. In the final held on 22-23 Dec., Unibridge teacher team has swept all the individual awards including Best Spoken English Award (with a full mark), Best Style Award, winning the First Place and Outstanding Award by large margin. Unibridge achieved a great success in the contest which indicates a satisfying achievement of 2010, and in the year 2011, we will carry forward our cause into the future, to embrace a brilliant future. For more information about the results of the contest, please visit the official site of Private Education Department of Shenyang Education Bureau: http://www.symbjy.com/News.aspx?meunid=13&Secondmenuid=14&id=1462

UBE champion team has cultivated a great number of top students who have won the first places in many national contests, e.g. CCTV English Talent Competition National Champion, National New Concept English Ability Competition, Spelling Bee, etc.