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A Efficient List of Memorizing Words

A Efficient List of Memorizing Words

A Efficient List of Memorizing Words

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SETRA National English Vocabulary Evaluation丨A Efficient List of Memorizing Words


Welcome to join in the SETRA National English Vocabulary Evaluation in October!

But how to remember the words efficiently?


Vocabulary is the base of learning English well, but boring process and low efficiency trouble many of you. Even if there are lots of difficulties, some of us can get a large number of words. What’s their tip? There’re 10 tips following for reference.


① To do it now. Don’t be afraid! Five thousand words may be a huge quantity to you. It may often happen that you forget the words immediately at the next moment. But, it is true that to remember one more words means you have one more word in your word bank, and you will get more familiar with it for reciting one more time. So, Be a man of action!


② To finish each simple mission made by yourself. You can set some small goals for yourself and then finish them. It is just like a computer game with different levels to pass. As you finish the missions one by one, victory and success will be yours sooner or later.


③To remind yourself of going forwards your goals all the time. Guys, if you feel bored, you will lose your goals at any time. The solution is to hold your study plans. If you finish you daily mission step by step, you will become more confident and feel much relax on vocabulary.


④To have a review regularly, go over all the words you have recited recently. At first, you may find that those words have gone out of mind, but after reviewing several times, the words will be clearer in your mind with high frequency.


⑤Learning includes something you have learnt and something new you need to know. So does learning vocabulary. You can immediately recognize the word you have learnt when it appears, which makes you have a sense of achievement. Since you have known the word so well, why not pay attention to those words you haven’t known.


⑥As you are tired of those words, it is the time of you to encourage yourself. Think about it. What kind of feeling will it be, if your English is greatly improved because of the words that you have known? That must be so great! Keep it on!


⑦It is really difficult to keep a word in your mind if you recite like a robot. It takes much effort to treat the vocabulary as a single word. As you find something in common, you can remember many of them each time. Don’t forget to use it after reciting, which is the real way to know a word.


⑧To turn vocabulary into one part of your daily life. Just like going to school, having classes, having meals, sleeping and so, make vocabulary to be your must. Accumulation makes improvement.


⑨To find a good partner with you. They may be your parents, your best friends, or your classmates. You can make daily plans together, then remind and have a test each other. Gradually, you will find that the vocabulary becomes one of your games and you have learnt more words in this game.


⑩To choose an effective vocabulary evaluation system to check yourself from time to time, for example, “SETRA National English Vocabulary Evaluation”.


Word bank in category — to divide the big mission into small goals



Word Cycle — to have regular reviews



Words’ Relation — to use your words and say



Team Work — ask a spelling star around you to be your team member!



This October with SETRA

A vocabulary battle for spelling stars!

To check your work, to improve your word!