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“SETRA National English Vocabulary Evaluation for High School and Primary School” Has Been Officially Launched

“SETRA National English Vocabulary Evaluation for High School and Primary School” Has Been Officially Launched

“SETRA National English Vocabulary Evaluation for High School and Primary School” Has Been Officially Launched

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At the beginning of June, 2014, a series of vocabulary-oriented books entitled, Young Learner’s Vocabulary Builder, was compiled by SETRA and published, providing an excellent “Vocabulary Evaluation System”, the only one in China designed for teenager students. Within only one month, the first batch, ten thousand sets of books were totally used by more than 150 influential training institutions nationwide, which symbolized that the “Vocabulary Evaluation System” was officially launched.



This series includes 5,000 high-frequency vocabulary terms with relevant examples, divided into 10 levels, and covering the great majority of terms from the National Curriculum, examination outline, popular English textbooks throughout the primary education, secondary education, such as New Concept English, Cambridge book series, Oxford book series and so on. Through seven years of application and practice, Unibridge International Education has a great achievement and develops into an influential English institution from very beginning, with high qualities on teaching and research as well as local elite students. Groups of Unibridge students have won a great many awards, grants and prizes, including National Champion, or TOP 3 winners of the most influential English competitions in China; specifically the “National English Speaking Competition” held by China’s foremost national magazine, China Daily, “Star of Outlook English Talent Competition” held by China’s Central Television CCTV, “ National English Skills Competition for Schools” held by the largest Chinese Foreign Language and Teaching Research Press FLTRP. Therefore, Unibridge becomes the cradle of national champions and TOP 3 winners. The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language and many colleges of foreign languages in China and overseas pay much attention to UBE.


The “National English Vocabulary Evaluation for High School and Primary School” is authorized and launched over the nation by SETRA (Senior Education Teaching and Research Academy). The system provides a set of books, Young Learner’s Vocabulary Builder, posters and videos for publicity, electronic files for operation, register and conclusion, official certificates, plaque of base authorized by SETRA, operation booklets and so on. Moreover, SETRA offers an opportunity for authorized bases to participate senior English teaching and research forums or meetings. SETRA aims to popularizes the “Vocabulary Evaluation System” to make it become the best activity for teaching and enrollment which is easily operated and can enhance the brand. Any school or institution can be authorized to be a base of “Vocabulary Evaluation System” after assessment, as the school or institution hopes to improve students’ vocabulary and teaching efficiency, expects to be an educational institution with high teaching quality, wants to gets benefits with zero cost, and is willing to carry out the activity twice a year. At present, zero cost is brought into its platform of national standardization.



If the students of a school or an institution have a large vocabulary in general, students’ English level will never be low and its teaching quality can be improved more quickly. Well, the followings are groups of elite students, fame on high English teaching level, and even strong competitiveness. It is a win-win project for English institutions on teaching and marketing with easy operation and zero cost — SETRA National English Vocabulary Evaluation for High School and Primary School!


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