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The Exchanging Meeting of The Ancient Chinese Literature and Chinese Education was Sponsored by Unibridge

The Exchanging Meeting of The Ancient Chinese Literature and Chinese Education was Sponsored by Unibridge

The Exchanging Meeting of The Ancient Chinese Literature and Chinese Education was Sponsored by Unibridge

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On 24th, Dec., 2013, The Ancient Chinese Literature and Chinese Education was held in Muti-function hall of Shenyang Unibridge (Huanggu Branch). Over 50 teachers, bureau of education researchers and Chinese literary enthusiasts in different trades, from other provinces coming from afar such as Hei Longjiang, Dalian etc. participated this exchanging meeting.


The exchanging meeting was held by Li Jing, chairman of the Unibridge. He mentioned that many educators have always been thought of and talked about the topics on children’s future education, mainly including traditional culture’ position in the whole educational and its effects of training on the children, nevertheless, they rarely have the opportunity to get together and communicate academic each other. The overall goal of the meeting was to sort out these questions and provide a free discussion from the point of view of the academic, to share the experiences and promote the awareness of the important role of traditional culture in contemporary education.


At the meeting, Mr Li took the Classics Enlighten in Traditional Chinese Education as a topic, which mainly focuses on Chinese education and historical evolution, expressed distinctive views were based on his ten-year of research results and made a comment on traditional classics enlightenment books. He put emphasis on his original Chinese General Education system, and General Education for Genius  Four Character with rhythm and contemporary knowledge system of science and humanities, literature and history. Mr Li proposed that the foundation of future literature education and research must be closed to Chinese history and culture, world history and culture and Chinese education, which should be abstracted and absorbed to apply into the Chinese language and literary heritage. These three aspects would be regarded as a new direction for future Chinese literature to research and promote, and core content in the process of the primary education.


Wang Xianping, a skilled teacher for children’s writing in Shenyang, equipped with much experience in teaching, took We will never give up our career as a topic, looked back her education road outside the system, analyzed of gains and losses of current Chinese education, fully showed her unique teaching methods by reading famous books by using multi-media. Cai Jinning, Research Director of Unibridge SETRA, Master of Arts of Beijing Normal University, described many Chinese modern writers’ childhood and demonstrated the importance of the enlightenment education for cultivating a writer’s literary quality. Jin Ye, Principal of Shenyang Jintian Education, reviewed of her experience in the course of education training, which intrigued an emotional resonance of other people in the same occupation. Zhu Boming, a senior education officer, shared his experience on researching Chinese literature with his sharp point of view and humorous speech, and won a storm of applause.

The atmosphere of the meeting was very warm. The Chinese literary enthusiasts made use of their lunchtime to exchange experiences. For their children’s learning, many participants directly consulted the method of learning the Chinese literature with the famous teachers.


Near the end of the meeting, the participants have not full expressed of his views yet. Principal Li said that Unibridge would take advantage of its resources and favorable conditions to organize the public exchange activities continually, and the ideal of doing the real education must be practicable. Participants gave high praise for the sense of society responsibility of the Unibridge and had proposed to establish the contact groups, in order to facilitate the organization of the next exchanging meeting and further in-depth discussion on Chinese literary.