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A Spontaneous Seminar of General Education for Genius Had Been Successfully Concluded

A Spontaneous Seminar of General Education for Genius Had Been Successfully Concluded

A Spontaneous Seminar of General Education for Genius Had Been Successfully Concluded

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Seminar of General Education for Genius had been successfully concluded from Aug. 27th to 29th. Nearly 30 principals and teachers from different places, such as Guangdong, Inner Mongolia, Shandong etc., spontaneously came to Shenyang Unibridge to enter for Teaching & Research Exchanges of Four • Characters and had an in-depth understanding of the General Education for Genius class and English classes in Unibridge.
Yaojing, principal from Shenyang, Houmiao, teacher from the Unibridge, made a classroom presentation by teaching simulation during the meeting. Kang Limei, principal from JUREN in Ordos, made a share about teaching method of Four• Characters was carried out in her school. All the participants have been touched by what Principal Kang did for her students, for example, she personally made remarks for her students’ learning and invested in a huge a amount of money to build a top-grade academy of more than 200 square meters in her school, not only that, she also asked a calligrapher to copy Four• Characters, which was printed into copybooks then. The students would be expecting to be familiar with the contents when they practiced hand-writing in this way. Li Jing, founder of the General Education and author of the Four• Characters, gave a detail explanation for the student-centered teaching method of researching and discussing, always hoped that the national teaching reform would be successful. Participants gave high praise to the Four• Character and offered some valuable suggestions on how to improve the teaching, use the teaching tools and set the classroom, which played a significant role in advancing our teaching and popularizing in the whole country.
General education for Genius
At the present reform, in the face of the difficulties of subject separation and masters scarcity, all we have been doing is to carry on and develop the children’s enlightenment education in elementary education, to cultivate student’s ability of thinking, analyzing, critical thinking and creativity, to lay a foundation for more elite education.
 Three volumes of General Education for Genius•Four Character Classic
 (Wrote by Li Jing, Liaoning Education Press, in 2011)
 Three volumes of Chinese•Four Character Classic
 (Wrote by Li Jing, Jinan University Press, in 2015)
Textbook Structure
It is divided into three volumes, Chinese Culture and History Student Edition, World Culture and History Student Edition and Science and Humanities Student Edition. The main verse part has 4704 Chinese words, which adopted readable four-character sentence and rhyming structure for children.  It directly covers more than 100 idioms and allusions, poems and songs, about 500 Chinese and foreign celebrities, almost 600 major historical events and scientific inventions, and 600 words textual research and the interpretation of hot humanistic thoughts for each verse. 
Advantages of this textbook
Inheriting the traditional features of character pattern, pronunciation and meaning in those enlightenment books, General Education for Genius•Four Character is suitable for contemporary educational thoughts. It is the only set of verse books, which combine enlightenment and rhythm throughout the ancient and modern and involving arts and science in China, enable students to gain improvement in many aspects such as words, rhythm, meaning, and understanding.
Comments on the meeting I
Miss Li, We have already arrived in Weihai safely.
Here are some of my feelings about Unibridge:
I had listened two classes of Mr. Li, World Culture and History Student Edition and Chinese Culture and History Student Edition. Knowledge points were penetrated and the questions were offered in his class have inspired the student’s ability of thinking and analyzing. In face of the limitation of the students’ age, Mr Li had ability to explain the boring theoretical problem clearly, to pave the way to the following contents, has changed the mode of traditional classroom.
What left me a deep impression in New Concept English class of Miss. Ji and another English teacher at first is the purely pronunciation from the teachers in Unibridge. Their voice speed is fast but clear, class arrangement is well-organized and classroom model is rigorous all that can arouse their student’s thinking ability.
General Education class and English class both made us become enlightened and expanded our horizon, they will be more perfect if the seminar classes mode proposed by principle Li are fully applied in these classes.
I want to make a little suggestion: Growing more plants in class maybe add more interest and bring more culture of life, makes students more delightful in the process of learning.
In a word, I have been benefited a lot from this trip to Unibridge, and I had a strong regard for the principal Li’s spirit of sacrifice and open-up, I’m looking forward to gathering and learning next time. Thank you very much.
Comments on the meeting II.
Learning sharing of Shenyang Unibridge
English learning experience sharing: I was filled with admiration by her standard pronunciation after having attended Miss Ji’s class, and what’s the most important is the method of teaching. In her class, Miss Ji acted just as an instructor to lead her students to broaden their view, in this way students were able to put forward so many questions were only based on a short English passage, and answered those questions by themselves. What surprised me the most, however, is that a twelve-year-old student had already regarded the issues from the point of dialectics. What impressed me the most is her ability to cultivate the thinking of students through her whole class, to lead the students to answer these questions in several different aspects. After the students and teachers having entered into the classroom, they began to communicate in English, and nobody could come in besides the students to prevent someone disrupted the classroom, for the purpose of providing a good learning atmosphere under such a rule, which is worth of being learned by me. Actually, the main body of the class is the students, the duty of the teachers is to made every student’s knowledge learned from them, rather than copy an answer.             
Comments on the meeting III.
Experiences sharing of learning General Education: I have finished three-days learning in Shenyang Unibridge and harvested a lot. Actually, General Education was quite strange to me and I didn’t understand at all in the beginning, however, I was deeply attracted by it after three-days learning. It turned out that I can teach children in another way. I admired Mr Li for his class and was captivated by the enthusiasm of the children when I visited his class. The charm of the class lies in the method that the teacher acts just as an instructor to lead his children step by step, to broaden the children’s mind and lead them to solve the answers by themselves. In this way, we can cultivate the students’ ability of thinking and analyzing and ask students to look at the questions in multiple perspectives. The contents in his class were interlocked and with clear logic and express fluently. I believe that there do not exist such students who can’t learn, but just exist those teachers who can’t teach students well. So if you intend to teach students well and give more knowledge to your students, you have to do quite a bit of reading and have a good command of knowledge by yourself at first.