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UBE Invited by British Council to the UK for Communication and Investigation

UBE Invited by British Council to the UK for Communication and Investigation

UBE Invited by British Council to the UK for Communication and Investigation

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UBE was invited by the British Council to participate in a week long educational communication with educators of 25 Famous International Education Institutions throughout the world. During the tour, they came to 8 British schools for an educational visit. Ms. Chai lingling, the deputy dean of SETRA research academy participated in the communication and investigation activities.
Ms. Chai has consulted with the school for teaching communication and cooperation on studying abroad and other projects, which has widened the channel for UBE international communication, teacher training in the UK and stuying abroad for UBE students, as well as providing more quality choices!
On the first day of the tour, Ms. Chai was invited to participate in 1-on-1 communication activity of British school hosted by British Council with all the representatives of the delegation, and discussed the educational cooperation project with representatives of high schools.
1-on-1 communication between teachers at the tour and representative of local schools
Two large-scale 1-on-1 communication activities were organized during this tour. Fifty local schools in the UK applied to participate. After learning that UBE has cultivated a large number of elite students who have studied abroad for years and managed to get admitted to world’s top universities such as Cambridge and UCL, many representatives of British high schools expressed their willingness to deepen cooperation with UBE and welcome UBE students to apply. Some schools explicitly offer generous scholarship support to outstanding applicants of UBE, with the maximum possible award of tuition fee and living expense.
Educators of Famous International Education Institutions throughout the world around the table
(Ms. Chai lingling, the deputy dean of SETRA research academy, the first lady from the left)
Of the eight schools visited during the tour have their own characteristics, representing several types of schools which are very important in the stage of continuing education in the U.K, so that we can see more possibilities for students to study abroad in the future.
Among them, we are familiar with the traditional British boarding school which embodies the spirit of aristocracy. The schools mainly offer GCSE and A-Level courses for students aged from 11 to 18, and elite alumni who have previously went to the UK through UBE are mostly studying in private schools.
The other is international schools, which mainly offers A-Level course to prepare students for universities in the UK or other countries. Some students from private boarding schools can also apply to other countries for further study when they graduate, but the proportion of those who choose to attend college in another country is higher.
Self-Study Area
The schools visited also included British public high schools. Public schools in the UK accept international students as well, but at a much smaller rate, and require schools with such qualifications to recruit overseas students. These schools mainly offer A-Level courses for local students in the UK and a very small number of international students, but it is very competitive with private and international schools in terms of fees.
Two of the eight schools visited are large public continuing education colleges, which offer pre-university course, language training course and, unlike other schools, vocational skills course. 
Well-equipped workshop at school
British secondary schooling is very distinctive in terms of the breadth of curriculum setting, the cultivation of thinking mode and the training of personal ability. First-class teaching facilities and the unique cultural background of western charm made many children yearn for it.
Ms. Chai said that although she learned a lot about British schools in her work, she was still shocked when visiting the site and impressed by some small details of British students:
 “British high school students jumped as paratroopers at the school’s 150th anniversary celebration. An elegant girl strolled about the campus on a tall horse. The ancient castle buildings stand in sharp contrast to modern teaching facilities and accommodation. There are rows of fitness equipment and a wide variety of courts, and small decorations with thoughtful design everywhere. High-class restaurant and hair salon for students to practice on campus……All things were greatly beyond imagination.”
Students ride horse in the campus
Sports field 
Prehistoric animal skeleton exhibited in the science building
Well-equiped fitness center
Student salon and canteen offering internships
Teaching building
Local school campus visit (eighth from the right)
During the tour, we also met some schools we are cooperating with, such as Loughborough Grammar School. The teachers responsible for the admission of LGS expressed their hope to continue the cooperation with UBE in the future, and expect more excellent students to apply.
Loughborough Grammar School
Through frequent international communication,
UBE realized the internationalization of the teaching team,
UBE is on its way to lead more Chinese private teachers to achieve international development.
Also, we hope through UBE,
to help more children realize their dreams,
and start a different life!