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Unibridge Alumni Receive Con-offers from the University of Cambridge

Unibridge Alumni Receive Con-offers from the University of Cambridge

Unibridge Alumni Receive Con-offers from the University of Cambridge

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We heard continuous good news from Unibridge Alumni recently.
Victor has received the con-offer from the Trinity College, Cambridge 
(Isaac Newton graduated from this college)
Wayne has received the con-offer from the Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge 
(Stephen William Hawking works for this college)
Jake has received the con-offer from the Emmanuel College, Cambridge
(John Harvard graduated from this college)
All of these colleges are world-famous.
A group of other students have received the con-offers from Imperial College London, Durham University, and University of Bath etc. The Unibridge alumni have received the appreciation of the top universities in the world again. Wish them realize their dream and have a good future!

Victor and Wayne achieved gold awards in International Chemistry Olympiad lately.



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Both of them entered to Ellesmere College through the Pathway provided by Unibridge with scholarships, and then reach the summit University of Cambridge.
Ellesmere College is a traditional UK boarding school and helps students access the top universities in the world each year. Besides Victor and Wayne, Unibridge student Alice Yang also graduated from Ellesmere and entered to Cambridge in 2017. Now she is studying Economics in Cambridge.
Furthermore, Unibridge student Lucy Luo entered to the University College London from Ellesmere in 2017 too. 
After being offered a place to study at the University of Cambridge, Victor and Wayne are interviewed by Ellesmere website, and introduced the procedure of applying for Cambridge.
Two students at Ellesmere College are celebrating after being offered a place to study at Cambridge University from September 2018.


The process of applying for Cambridge is very complicated. The deadline of application is in the mid-October, and students take the academic entrance examination in November. In December, students need to go to Cambridge for the interview. They will know the result whether they have got the con-offer in the next mid-January. In August, the final result will be announced to the students. When a student gets the con-offer, it means he/she has stepped into Cambridge with one foot. The student can enter for Cambridge successfully if he/she achieves the academic condition Cambridge requested. Cambridge considers both the academic ability and overall ability of a student. 
Trinity College is the largest by number of students, the richest in finance, and the most famous college of Cambridge. The widely recognised as one of the most influential scientists Isaac Newton graduated from Trinity College. 
Logo of Trinity College
Gonville and Caius College is the fourth-oldest college at the University of Cambridge and the third wealthiest college currently. The college has been attended by many students who have gone on to significant accomplishment, including fourteen Nobel Prize winners. The physicist Stephen Hawking is a current fellow of the college.
Logo of Gonville and Caius College
Wayne Wang & Victor Zhao, who joined Ellesmere in September 2016, learnt of their offers at the end of last week. Although a nervous time, both students felt the preparation they had been given by the Sixth Form team at Ellesmere was instrumental in helping them gain their place.
85% Ellesmere students can enter their first choice university successfully every year. The school pays attention to every student’s development and arranges special staff to direct students to apply for their dream schools.
The Ellesmere students’ academic score is very excellent. 50% of the students can achieve A*- B for A Levels, and 25% of the students can achieve A*.
Over 50% of the students can get more than 30 points for IB, which equals to 3 A* for A Levels. The general score of IB can equal to 3 A in A Levels. There is student even can get 45 points, which equals to 5 A* in A Levels. Students get a lot of A* for GCSE, and all of the students can pass this exam.
The universities Ellesmere students enter for include University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University College London, Imperial College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Durham, University of Bath, University of Edinburgh, King's College London, US School of Visual Arts, and School of the Art Institute of Chicago etc.
Wayne said "Applying for University in the UK is a big step. I took much time over my personal statement and my UCAS form and the support of my tutor, Housemaster, subject leaders and Head of Sixth Form all enabled me to have the confidence to know my application was the best it could be".
UCAS is shorted for Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. All Bachelor Degree courses in the UK must be applied through UCAS. Students can only apply for less than 5 universities, and Oxford and Cambridge can’t be applied at the same time. What’s more, the deadline of Oxbridge is earlier than other schools, usually end at the middle of October while others in the middle of next January. But the Art/Design courses’ application deadline is in the middle of March.
Ellesmere College will help students to make extended projects according to their characteristics. The school regards these projects as the same important as the academic scores. The principle of Ellesmere is to make students realize their personal value and prepare for the successful life time, which is of great value when top universities interview.
Monduli Green Project
Victor said "Coming to Ellesmere enabled me to pull together my academic abilities in a clearly defined way and allowed me to build other skills and experiences of which I previously did not have. I have no doubt that what Ellesmere has given me as a platform, has been instrumental in my offer of a place at Cambridge University and to that I am truly thankful".
Ellesmere provides students the environment of academic studying, healthy body training, character building, quality improving and the platform of realizing personal value and future.
The headmaster of Ellesmere College will come to Unibridge on Mar. 23-24 and interview students for 2018 and 2019 entry. Students can communicate with the headmaster face to face and make a better plan for future study.
For further details, please contact 400-790-2489