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UBE Summer Camp in Ellesmere College drew to a successful close

UBE Summer Camp in Ellesmere College drew to a successful close

UBE Summer Camp in Ellesmere College drew to a successful close

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How to show your specialties on international arena?
How to start a journey to approach the destination of your dream?
They did it,
the students who attended to UBE Summer Camp of Ellesmere College this year.
During the two weeks,
the students experienced a vibrant classroom environment,
travelled to desired University of Cambridge,
visited the court that idol has ever run,
forged profound friendship with abroad friends,
showed their juvenile style on the stage.
Journey to Cambridge-----Dream was lighted up here
I believe there will be no one who would not be touched by the dense academic atmosphere
when someone steps into the town of Cambridge.
It is the second most ancient university in the English-spoken world.
Here is University of Cambridge, where the top academic talents gathered.
The town and the school do not have a clear boundary.
Everywhere has the footprint of great masters, the road students walked, the boat they took, and the bridge they passed…
River cam, students reciting Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again by Hsu Chih-mo
Library of Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
(Ji Ying, teaching headmaster of Unibridge, received PhD con-offer from the Faculty in 2008)
I thought world-class universities are all from his very far away, but more and more Unibridge alumnus get offers successfully.
This inspires the students who are now learning at University of Cambridge, and also stimulates all Unibridge elite juniors.
Dynamic classroom-----Let us be much closer to our dreams
Most student consider classes are boring and endless, but they are totally absorbed in UBE Summer Camp classes.
Students spoke out freely and discussed actively in English lesson.
Riding Lesson
Art Lesson
Drama Lesson
Power of good example
Alice (2nd on the left in Row 3, Cambridge) and Lucy (2nd on the right in Row 3, UCL)
Search for the place that great masters stepped into and idols shined.
There are many ways to let children grow up.
Travelling is a good choice, because the most rewarding part of trip would be an extraordinary circumstance.
Man Utd (Manchester United)
Hometown of Darwin
Town of Shrewsbury, the hometown of Darwin.
I was wondering if the ‘seed’ of composing Origin of Species was buried here.
Teachers of Unibridge has led the students to explore spring and summer here in Ellesmere.
Unibridge juniors radiate all the audience on the stage.
Talent Show
Students have got on plane to fly home.
I believe this is an extremely memorable trip for them.
If summer holiday is the most exciting for students in summer, then travelling must be the most memorable in holiday. If travelling is a lesson for their fast-growing, then the trip must be with us…
UBE Summer Camp