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Critical Speech and Public Forum Debate Grand Final Drew to a Successful Close

Critical Speech and Public Forum Debate Grand Final Drew to a Successful Close

Critical Speech and Public Forum Debate Grand Final Drew to a Successful Close

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Shenyang High School and Primary School English Critical Speech And Public Forum Debate Grand Final drew to a successful close on August 16. This event was held in the International Education Department of Unibridge. Competitors in formal wear tried to show their best performance on the stage, which made this event fierce but enjoyable to both the audience and the competitors themselves. 

Highlights of the Event This Year:


1. Experienced Debate Instructors

Instructors made detailed explanation for the competitors about debating skills before selective trials and the grand final. Each instructor has his own style. It is worth mentioning that all the instructors are experienced and have actively taken part in several debate events before. Especially, Instructor Victor Zhao, as an active member of debate team in his school, shared his debate class notes with the competitors.


Instructors (left to right): Tommy Hu, Beryl Yan, Emily Wang, Desmond Dong


2. A Properly-Designed Competition System

In this Critical Speech And Public Forum Debate event, “critical speech” part was set for the primary school group, and “public forum debate” part was set for the high school group. To make a fair competition, the primary school group was divided into two small groups—junior grade and senior grade. The competition adopted a scoring system which provided a fair method to value each judge's subjective vote. Competitors in both critical speech and public forum debate need to go through two rounds before the grand final. The competition system was intended to make the competition more like practice, and stimulate students’ talent in English language at the same time.



3. Professional Judges

The judges for this event are: Professor Tong yanlong, the chairman of English Language Department of China Medical University; Professor Bai zhigang, the chairman of English Language Department of Shenyang Normal University; Teacher Ji Ying, the founder of Senior Education and Teaching Research Academy(SETRA), who has cultivated a great number of top students who have won the first places in many national contests; Li Yuzhe, the first runner-up of New Concept English Competition Grand Final, now studying in University of Cambridge.



4. Featured Competitions

Compared with the public forum debate, critical speech seems more familiar to all of us. In fact, the public forum debate demands the competitors to meet a higher standard. Debaters not only need to get the deep understanding of the topic and search for information to support the argument, they also have to make the speech clear and logical.



What Is the Public Forum Debate?

It is one of the most interesting form of debate. The debate starts with a coin flip. Whichever team won the flip used to be able to choose speaking order or which side to advocate, and the team that lost the flip was able to choose the option that is left. Crossfire is also one of the most interesting and difficult elements of Public Forum Debating, which demands the debaters to have the quick response ability and deep understanding of the topic.


Why Join the Public Forum Debate?

National High School Debate League of China was held every year. In American college life, debate team is as popular as basketball team. Also, the debating experience will make you stand out in the admission interview. Some top universities in the US even regards the debate league as the important way to select elites. 


 Honor Roll Winners for the Grand Final 

Junior Grade of Primary School Group


Champion Lu Qiyu
1st Runner-Up Liu Zihan
2nd Runner-Up Zhou Jiayi
First Prize   Huang Shengkai, Zheng Yufei, Shao Jiming
Second Prize   Li Jiazhen, Zhao Guoxu, Shi Dongxiao, Chen Yicheng, Gao Yimeng, Liu Junchen, Liu Shuwen, Guo Haoze



Senior Grade of Primary School Group


Champion Liu Jixuan
1st Runner-Up Jin Ziming
2nd Runner-Up Hou Sihan
First Prize Ma Yuanchu, Wei Shiting, Song Yitong
Second Prize  Zhang Tongyao, Yu Jiaxi, Deng mengcen, Li Xinru, Wang Yiqing, An Zhihao



 High School Group


Champion Sui Tongyan, Zhao Qihan
Best Debater Award Zhao Qihan
1st Runner-Up Jin Yuanqi, Zhang Zhiwei
Semi-Final Chen Yanzheng, Gao Yuxin, Han Jintong, Zhao Haonan
Quarter-Final Zhou Zhiyu, Geng Yinan, Liang Yuanyuan, Wu Hangqing, Gao Shenghan, Ge Shuhan
Round of 16 Yin Xingyuan, You Junheng, Wu Zhiqiao, Wu Zhiyin, Liu Xuanlin, Sun Qiyue, Wen Xuetong, Zhong Zimo, Liu Yuhan, Wei Ziqi, Jin Zhiyu, Wang Kuntong



Congratulations to them!