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Congrats to UBE elites for the great achievements in the “21st Century Cup”

Congrats to UBE elites for the great achievements in the “21st Century Cup”

Congrats to UBE elites for the great achievements in the “21st Century Cup”

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“21st Century Cup” National High School and Primary School English Speaking Competition was hosted by China Daily in 2002. The competition serves as the qualifying contest in China for the annual International Public Speaking Competition, held in London, UK in May every year and organised by the English-Speaking Union. Over the years, the competition has been widely recognized by small and medium-sized schools across the country, and has been fully recognized and strongly supported by the national ministry of education and top universities both at home and abroad. Central and local media, including Xinhua news agency, China Daily, People's Daily and China middle school student newspaper, all have reported on the event. About half a million primary and secondary students enter the competition each year.


The final contest of the Liaoning provincial finals was held on December 12 in Shenyang Normal University, and thousands of excellent students from all over the province entered the competition. A total of 106 elite students from Unibridge entered the provincial semi-finals through competitive trials. The semi-finals and finals were fierce, and elite students from Unibridge showed their high proficiency in English language, dialectical thinking and great ability of English public speaking. After several rounds of competition, UBE students won the unanimous praise from the panel of Chinese and foreign university professors by way of excellent English academic ability and confident performance on the field. Though a day of intense competition in the provincial semi-finals and finals, the UBE students ranked the best and won the awards of the champions, runners-up and second runner-up. Among them, Lu Qiyu, Liu Zihan, Zhang Qinran were the champion, runner-up and second runner-up respectively in the primary junior grade group; Lin Wanshu and Sui Tongyan won the first and second place respectively in the middle school group; Wang Rufei won the second runner-up in the high school group. 22 UBE students won the champion, runner-up and second runner-up in Liaoning provincial finals. Wishing these elite students shine in the next national finals and return with glory again!


We Are UBE Elites!


Competitive Scene in the Competition






★Acceptance speech by Elite Students★

Champion of Liaoning provincial finals (Junior High School Group)——Lin Wanshu

“Realizing that I've fortunately got championship of 21st English Speech Competition. I began to consider this success seriously .I confirm that the preparation part is significantly important, since not only could I absorb knowledge from it, but also did it give me confidence to get fully prepared of the competition, and therefore, here comes a fairly good outcome. I would like to show my great gratitude to those who helped me. And supported me all along the journey.”


First prize winner of Liaoning provincial finals (Senior High School Group)——Yan Shurui

“This is my second time to participate in this competition. Finally, I am able to join the final round. This is really exciting. I would like to appreciate the great support given by my parents and Jane. Of course, I need to say thank you to myself. My perseverance in attending this competition provides me a chance to go as far as the final round. When doing the preparation, in the first week, it was really important to get yourself familiar with the manuscript and practice the topics. If possible, it was really necessary to practice the one-minute speech about the hot topics being occurred. However, for me, what benefited me most was that I watched the videos about the speeches presented by the former top-ranking players. From them, I learned a lot and this was helpful to form my own style. The last one thing, I wish all of us would get ourselves improved after such great efforts have done!”


Second prize winner of Liaoning provincial finals (Senior High School Group)——Zhou Jiahui

“To be honest, I am a newcomer because this is my first time to join such a large-scaled speech contest. I want to say that I shall join more such similar contests. Here, both my personal ability and psychological quality were greatly practiced, and I learned something totally out of my expectation. For the preparation, I think it is important to comment your manuscript by your teacher. For myself, at first, the topic in my manuscript was well set. After being commented by Ms. Ji, I rewrote and finally, I obtained approval by the judges. Of course, when the manuscript is done, you have to practice over again and again. At last, I wish all of you would get a good result. Come on, guys!


Acceptance Speech by Prize Winner and Winner’s Parents (Primary School Group)


Second prize winner of junior grade of primary school group——Sun Qianya

“When I finally knew that I was going to participate in the competition, I was really nervous. But my mom told me that what I needed to do was to have fun but not care too much about the result, the experience would be part of my life. I am sincerely grateful for my teacher, Su Bing, she amended my first draft, making my manuscript much better. I also want to say thank you to my mother. She asked the foreign teacher for help several times, and she recorded the accurate pronunciation for me. When preparing the contest, I finally understand the deep meaning of “earnest”. At the time when I got to know the speech manuscript and when I prepared for the improvisation “question-answer”, I began to realize my shortage-my vocabulary was in short, my grammar was not good enough. This is just like that a kid in kindergarten doesn’t know how to speak. Then, I began to look up the dictionary and make up sentences on my own. For this contest, I failed to do a good job in “question-answer”. This is really a big pity for myself. However, my shortage helped me to set a goal for English learning in the future. Thanks for this competition, I get the chance to know so many excellent players and I realize that I have a long way to go in the future. We all should cheer up! Now, the competition is over, what I want to say most is “Get well prepared. I will be back next year!”



Second prize winner of junior grade of primary school group——Jiang Yingying

“Hello, everyone. I am Jiang Yingying. I am eight years old and my English name is Cici. I am one of the students of Ms. Chen Yuanyuan. I have great interest in English and I have the courage to face the challenges. This competition benefits me a lot. Before the contest, Ms. Chen gave me a lot of instructions. My mother and I looked up so many information, and I learned a lot of good words and phrases. Every day, I practiced standing in front of the mirror, and the whole practice was recorded. I tried to find out my shortcomings by watching the videos. I firmly believe that once I work hard, I will be greatly paid. This experience is really amazing, I appreciate all the teachers for their help. Now, I am more confident in myself. In the future, I will work harder, trying to make a better me and get a better result.”



Third prize winner of senior grade of primary school group——Lyu Haoxuan’s parents

“Both my son and I are benefited from this contest. My son learned a lot of things which cannot be learned in the class, and this is a valuable learning experience for him. In the future, I wish my son would continue to face challenges positively and join more competitions where he can show his personality, ability and style. Anyway, this competition benefits him a lot and provides him with a fantastic experience. This is really good for his further development.”



Come on, UBE elites!

UBE students have achieved remarkable achievements in the “21st Century Cup” National High School and Primary School English Speaking Competition for many years. It's not an accident for Unibridge to win so many national prizes, but benefit from the great quality on education and the dedication of every teacher and student. Unibridge highlights the best English education brand in China with outstanding achievements and strength.