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"Home-school Collaboration" Trial in Elementary General Education

"Home-school Collaboration" Trial in Elementary General Education

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To apply "home-school collaboration" to elementary general education, and promote the admission and teaching of the test class, Unibridge provides the illustration below to help you know more about "home-school collaboration":
[Elementary General Education]
Unibridge founded the "Elementary General Education" in China, aiming to change the current separate state of subjects at school, as well as inherit critically, develop and innovate traditional formative education. The project of "Elementary General Education" carries out the study of humanities in elementary education, cultivate students' critical thinking and creativity, which have laid the foundation for elite education.
General Education for Genius•Four Character Classic (also known as Chinese•Four Character Classic, Liaoning Education Press, by Li Jing)
[Textbook Structure]
The series consists of three books—Chinese Culture and History; World Culture and History; Science and Humanity, and inherits the traditional Chinese rhythm mode "four-character compound". The main verse part has 4704 Chinese words. It covers more than 100 idioms and allusions, over 200 poems and songs, about 500 Chinese and foreign celebrities, almost 600 major historical events and scientific inventions. With exclusive writer’s commentary for each verse, the series become easier for readers to read and understand.
[Textbook Advantages]
The series is the only elementary verse book in China, which combines traditional enlightenment education and modern humanity education. It enhances students' learning in words, verses, and passages.
[Application Scope]
The series could be used in the following ways: As family education books, textbooks for extracurricular training institutions, chanting books for full-time primary schools, high-score composition reference books for middle school students, chanting or spelling books for kindergarten children, parents education reference books, best prize or gift books, Chinese readers for overseas Chinese children, etc.
[Recruiting Information for Test Class]
The students whose parents place great importance on humanity education, and have the ability to discuss with their children on the specific topic with the help of the Internet.
[Training Objective of Test Class]
To cultivate speculative, critical and innovative thinking of students by combining traditional enlightenment education and modern humanity education.
[Teaching Approach of "Home-school Collaboration"]
"Home-school collaboration", the new teaching approach elementary general class puts into practice, changes the traditional teaching mode, which means that school education and family education are no long two separate parts. Harkness Table teaching method is adopted in the class. Each class is limited to twelve students. WeChat group needs to be created for teachers, students and parents to communicate effectively. Teachers need to play the role of guide, which will make students more independent, feel free to share their ideas, and create an active atmosphere for humanities. A meaningful student-family-school partnership will help students study in an effective way.
Teaching Procedures:
1. Teachers assign homework to parents one week before every lesson. Parents need to prepare for the discussion of next lesson through the Internet or using the library.
2. Parents need to discuss the homework with their children at home in order to make students gain some understanding of the topic and initially build an argument, which will definitely achieve the purpose of changing the traditional teaching mode.
3. Students sit around the oval discussion tables, or student desks instead. Students need to read together the four-character-verse part, then teachers need to guide students into discussion that are set according to the syllabus. Teachers need to analyze the text with students in order to intrigue students about the history and culture, to have a better understanding of the text, as well as promote active learning. If the condition of the classrooms is allowed, tablets would be a great help to teaching. Students would finish classwork more effectively with the help of tablets.
4. Teachers assign the same homework to students’ parents as to the students.
5. The final test can be replaced with another form of assessment, e.g. 5 minute quiz twice a week; a short essay every two or three months.
6. A debate or talk is held every term in order to present critical thinking skills of the students.
[Advantages of “Home-school Collaboration”]
1. It is mainly based on discussion, and changes the traditional cramming method of teaching, which aims to achieve the student-centric teaching.
2. It aims to establish a meaningful student-family-school partnership, which will help students study in an effective way.
3. It helps promote students progress with their parents, which will create a positive family atmosphere for studying at home.
[Recruitment Methods]
The test class adheres to high quality standards in teaching. For this reason, the methods of recruitment should focus mainly on increasing parental involvement in lecture series. The news media such as newspapers can be another way to help promote the event. The lecture series need to focus on humanity education, encourage parents to believe that family education does actually play an important role in child education, and stimulate parents’ self education, which ultimately aims at making parents understand the great importance of student-family-school partnership and lifelong learning.
[Public Class]
The public class for recruitment is mainly divided into two parts, teaching part and the analysis of the teaching approach of "home-school collaboration". It needs to be stated clearly to parents that creating student-family-school partnership aims to motivate students and achieve effective education. The public class need to encourage parents to believe that family education does actually play an important role in child education, and stimulate parents' self education, which ultimately aims at making parents understand the great importance of student-family-school partnership and lifelong learning.
Unibridge is striving for the real education;
Unibridge knows what real education should be like,
Unibridge plays an active role in promoting the real education,
Unibridge is the innovator in contemporary Chinese elementary education.
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