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Talk Given by UBE International Elite Education, to Widen Parent's Horizon and Broaden the Road to Children's Success

Talk Given by UBE International Elite Education, to Widen Parent's Horizon and Broaden the Road to Children's Success

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On the morning of Apr. 18th, the talk given by UBE International Elite Education was held in the International Education Department. Mr. Li Jing, the president of Unibridge, and Ms. Ji Ying, the teaching headmistress of Unibridge jointly gave the speech. Accordingly this talk drew a lot of attention from students and their parents. To guarantee the quality of communication, the attendance was limited to merely 100 students and parents. The lecture was divided into two parallel lectures being simultaneously organized.
Headmaster Li Jing, the initiator of elementary general education, shared his views on the elementary general education, the prospective development of teen's education and domestic education with the theme of English, elementary general education and prospective development. He delved into the status of education in China and proposed the important role elementary general education plays in elites' development in the future through comparing the education and teaching modes adopted in China and foreign countries. Elementary general education, based on the pattern of discussion, is to initiate and guide children to be interestingly engaged in wider range of topics under no pressure, and to stimulate children to autonomously explore and raise the question unconsciously and imperceptibly. As the initiator of elementary general education in China, Mr. Li Jing introduced to audience numerous outstanding examples of Unibridge elites' personal success stories. These talents achieve remarkable results and are being favorably advantageous in studying abroad. Some of them have already acquired the notable results. Ms. Ji Ying, a notable English Teacher in China, has the tremendous experience as she has nurtured plenty of students wining first, second and third place in China national English language competitions for many years. She introduced the progress to become elite students in different types, eliminating the parents' misunderstanding that the only way to success is to become the straight A student and study even harder. Ms. Ji Ying, as the member of TESOL(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and the honored guest for the meeting hosted by English Language Association, has exchanged deeply with elite schools and universities in Britain and America. In this talk, the first-class teaching models adopted in British and American junior and senior high schools have been introduced to the parents. In these schools, the heuristic education models stimulating students' autonomous thinking has replaced the simple examination of retelling knowledge.
The prospective development of children is deemed as the major highlight of every family. The education of children has become the problem that every parent is most concerned about. However, the domestic education is trapped in the status with isolated educational disciplines, insufficient educational resource and the teaching mode lagging behind the international condition. It has become extremely hard to nurture the all-round person merely through the school education under the institution. The ultimate goal of this talk is to tell parents that to nurture the elite teenagers, parents shall firstly focus on the social education, stress the importance of children, general knowledge, and widen the development of children. Additionally, parents are required to participate in the systematic education. It is not advisable to educate the young generation in the way making the rice shoots grow by pulling them up or to merely wait until the result comes out. Through the favorable education and cultivation, every child can possibly become the elite. Unibridge is willing to work with parents to widen the horizon and to lay the path suitable for children to become successful.
Headmaster Li Jing was introducing examples of innovative talents’ personal success stories.
Ms. Ji Ying was introducing Fitzwilliam College of Cambridge.
Parents were attentive and taking notes carefully.
Ms. Ji Ying was helping parents solve their problems on studying abroad for children.
Parents were consulting Headmaster Li Jing about general education.