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The Golden Rules of A Teacher (Part 2)

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Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash
1. Divide learning tasks into smaller subskills. Present those subskills in logical and manageable lessons. Sequence your lessons so that you aren’t trying to teach skills for which students have not yet mastered necessary prerequisites. Otherwise, both you and your students will be frustrated.
2. Design lessons that encourage students to contribute their views and knowledge. Many have special talents or experiences they might enjoy sharing and from which other students can learn.
3. Make a conscious effort to connect your lesson to students’ lives beyond school. Incorporate their interests as illustrations. Provide opportunities for them to apply what they are learning to daily life and the problems they face.
4. Employ visual aids-transparencies, pictures, slides, props, demonstrations, and posters. Overall, the visual is the most powerful learning modality. Maximum learning is likely to occur when the instruction is both auditory and visual and, where possible, also kinesthetic (involving doing things and motor movement).
5. Keep moving while you talk. An easy way to lose any group’s interest is to become the stationary talking head in front of the room. Talking while seated is also more likely to lead to speaking in a monotone. An additional benefit of moving while teaching is that you are better able to monitor the class, nipping in the bud potentially disruptive misbehavior.
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash