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SETRA Teacher Training Drew to a Successful Close in Beijing

SETRA Teacher Training Drew to a Successful Close in Beijing

SETRA Teacher Training Drew to a Successful Close in Beijing

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On Nov. 25th, English teacher training conference hosted by SETRA drew to a successful close in Hongkun International Hotel. The conference lasted for two days, and 300 advanced teachers from all over the country came to attend the training on How to teach New Concept English. The keynote speakers for this conference are Ji Ying, Dean of Senior Education and Teaching Research Academy (SETRA), Wang shuang and Liu Xinxin, who are both experienced trainers in SETRA. Combined with their ten years’ teaching experience in Unibridge Education, the three speakers shared their advice on New Concept English teaching, which included how to make teaching more effectively, and how to advance students’ ability as well as the achievement. Integrating theory and practice, the open class session helped the teachers in attendance absorb the most information efficiently. During the two days’ training, teachers were encouraged to ask any English teaching related questions in the conference all the time. 



Integrating several years’ teaching experience and some advanced teaching theories from overseas, SETRA creates a teacher training course for English teachers in China who intend to improve their teaching skills. During the past few years, more than 10,000 advanced teachers from different schools, institutions and groups all over China have attended SETRA teacher training. Having participated in the teacher training course for several times before, many teachers become outstanding and competent trainers in their own regions. SETRA has long enjoyed high reputation, with great achievements in professional development courses for ESL teachers and trainers in China. SETRA also attracts increasing attention from abroad. Up till now, 30 elite boarding schools in UK have established a long-term collaboration with Unibridge International Education.


Teacher Feedback:




This is my third time attending SETRA Teaching Training. I had so much fun and achieved a lot every time I come here. If it is held next year, I would be excited to attend the training for the fourth time.

——Teacher Sun, English Learning Group



I’m so impressed by the trainers’ clear analysis on New Concept English teaching content and emphasis. This training helps improve my knowledge on New Concept English teaching as well as the vocabulary teaching.

——Teacher Li, Hanying International Education, Beijing




The main-line and main-object teaching approach makes the English class more fun. It will also help broaden the knowledge of students at the same time. Learning the language as well as the cultural background will definitely make the language learning more practical.

——Teacher Shuai, Sunlight English Group, Yangzhou


I’m impressed by the open class session. All the words and grammar points are thoroughly explained in a joyful but efficient way.

——Teacher Sun, Siru Education


From this training, I can see that the trainers have a really good command of New Concept English. The open class session helped me achieve a clear knowledge of the teaching emphasis of New Concept English. As we all know, ‘To use’ plays an essential part in New Concept English teaching. Bringing more games to the class will surely make the English learning more fun and efficient.

——Teacher Pan, Leisure We Education, Yangzhou


During this training, SETRA teachers shared their deep understanding of New Concept English and introduced the main-line and main-object teaching approach in detail, which impressed me a lot. The training makes me realize the importance of effective teaching. Help students develop a better understanding of knowledge in an active way and make English learning more fun for students!

——Teacher Zhai, Eton Education, Baoding