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Research Achievements

Vocabulary Evaluation

Vocabulary Evaluation

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The Senior Education and Teaching Research Academy(SETRA), has independently compiled a set of textbooks entitled Young Learner's Vocabulary Builder, by integrating and summarizing the words according to world-famous textbooks, including New Concept English, Cambridge series, and Oxford series. With a total of 5000 high frequency words, this set of textbooks includes 10 levels and has become the only English vocabulary testing system for Primary and Secondary School Students. Being widely used by English training institutions in China, this set of textbooks has reached 300 users within a year.

Vocabulary is the most important part in language learning, and the amount of your vocabulary directly determines the level of language. In reality, most students are facing the problem of how to pass the “vocabulary” barrier more quickly. Based on the case, Senior Education and Teaching Research Academy (SETRA) compiled this series of level-upgraded Young Learner’s Vocabulary Builder, referring to English teaching program of full-time schools and requirements on textbooks of New Concept English and so on. SETRA also takes five years putting it into practice by testing the students from provincial-level key middle schools, and students from some national English language competitions, e.g. the “21st Century Cup” National English Speaking Competition, National New Concept English Ability Competition. Undoubtedly, the testing achieved remarkable results. A rich vocabulary can boost confidence in learning English and improve communication. Thus students developed into top students rapidly in English subject, and many of them won the first, second and third place in some national English language competitions.

Five reasons to choose SETRA vocabulary evaluation project.

Strong Practicality: “SETRA national English vocabulary evaluation project” is the only officially published English vocabulary evaluation system of primary and secondary school students, which is developed by Senior Education and Teaching Research Academy(SETRA). For the first month that Young Learner’s Vocabulary Builder was published, 10,000 series first printing was all adopted by 150 influential training institutions from all parts of China, which marked that national students English vocabulary evaluation was officially launched. It has already been the most!

Profitability: You can get discounts on the officially published Young Learner’s Vocabulary Builder. Subscribe to it according to the amount of students applying to the evaluation, and you can earn 6 to 8 RMB in profit. Besides, you can keep all the evaluation fees as well as the pure profit. The vocabulary evaluation is held several times from level 1 to level 10 the whole year, so the profit can be guaranteed in successive years!

Teaching Quality Promotion: If you know how to teach, you will know the impact of vocabulary on students. After 7 years of practice, Unibridge cultivated a great number of top students nationwide. The vocabulary evaluation is held every year, which helps promote the quality of education. Unibridge believes that with excellent students, there’s no need to worry about the market.

Operability: If you join SETRA vocabulary evaluation project, we promise to offer the services defined below for free: operation manual of vocabulary activity process, exquisite publicity poster, publicity video, English introduction recruitment video of high-end spelling star (students who won the first, second, third prize nationwide), E-document of evaluation’s operation, registration, summary, etc. SETRA can also authorizes nationwide evaluation base plaque, and provide SETRA nationwide unified certificate and so on. If you indeed want to improve your teaching skills, we can provide the whole set of system for you! Moreover, SERRA offers opportunities for base members every year to share information and experience for teaching and research, which makes the vocabulary evaluation into a brilliant way of teaching and admission, and helps promote brand effectively at the same time.

Authority: SETRA aims to cultivate more elite students. Young Learner’s Vocabulary Builder combines national standard English, outline of high school and college entrance examinations, New Concept English, Cambridge series, Oxford series, other popular English textbooks, and high-frequency words from standard American and British English, etc. The book includes 5000 words, and is divided into 10 levels. The word list can be covered level-by-level. After 7 years of practice, Unibridge has made remarkable achievements, which makes Unbridge gradually develop into a high-quality English training institution in China. Unibridge has cultivated a great number of top students. In recent years, many of Unibridge students won the first, second and third place in some national English language competitions. All these achievements made Unibridge draw the attention of International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL), foreign languages institute of some universities in China, and other authoritative institutions. Many experts and leaders from top universities in China paid visit to SETRA to carry out communication and expand cooperation, e.g. foreign languages institute of Shenyang Normal University, foreign languages institute of Shenyang University, Foreign Language Association of institution of higher education in Liaoning Province, Foreign Language Association of Liaoning Province.