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SETRA Teacher Training

SETRA Teacher Training

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In accordance with the main teaching methodology DMA founded by the teaching headmistress Ji Ying and refer to other teaching methodologies, the Senior Education and Teaching Research Academy(SETRA), has built up the Three-dimensional Teaching and Research System for English Teachers and organized training courses for advanced English teachers throughout China. Over the last five years, SETRA has trained more than 10,000 teachers from over 800 training institutions in China. Besides, SETRA has established a long-term cooperation relationship with Shenyang Normal University and FLTRP in English teacher training. Till now, we have developed 60-hour online English teacher training courses and 20 offline resource packages, and have conducted face to face training courses and Q&A sessions in the five principal regions of China. It has become the only set of three-dimensional English teaching and research system, as well as the largest English teacher training system in China.