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Two Weeks’ UK Study Tour for Teachers Came to Its End

Two Weeks’ UK Study Tour for Teachers Came to Its End

Two Weeks’ UK Study Tour for Teachers Came to Its End

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The UK study tour for Chinese key English teachers, organized by SETRA, ended in a satisfactory way. The teachers have gained a lot and set foot on the return journey.
In these two weeks, the teachers lived and studied together, and forged a profound friendship. In the class, they communicated and shared, benefited a lot. The exotic experiences along the way made the teachers touched profoundly.
A different world:
01 Impressive British Museum
There are some places we are familiar with in the world, but when we truly walks in, we are still shocked, and British Museum is exactly such a place.
British Museum is huge and magnificent, teachers of UK study tour visited Egypt Pavilion and China Pavilion, etc. Standing in front of so many art treasures, all kinds of feelings welled up in teachers’ heart, they felt glad to admire these treasures and also sighed for the zigzag experience of these cultural relics. 
“When watching the China exhibition staged at British Museum, the teachers were in a very mixed mood. How powerful a country should be to possess so many historical and cultural and artistic exhibits spanning over thousands of years? And how rotten is it to exile so many collections aboard? Fortunately, we saw Dunhuang murals, Gui of Shang Dynasty, bronze Jue and a three-storeyed Buddha with a broken hand here…”
——Ms. Dou
02 Happy International Teachers’ Day
The source of people’s happiness is a sense of pride most often, being recognized, being watched and being needed...
10th September is the well-known Teachers’ Day in China, while there is another common festival for the whole world’s teachers, namely, “10•5 International Teacher's Day”, issued by UNESCO for praising and thanking for the contributions made to education and human by the whole world’s teachers.
On this day, teachers took a group photo and celebrated at International House. It was affectionate even though the form was simple. 
03 The Phantom of the Opera with thunderous applauses
Stereoscopic acoustic and electric effect, grand scenery, the actors’ graceful singing and exquisite acting brought teachers into a weird world of the opera. 
This theater is the only theater in London playing The Phantom of the Opera. And this enduring opera has been played in 32 years in succession.
There was a long queue outside the theatre waiting for admission.
Audiences were seated and the curtain was about to open…
When the curtain was down and the actors returned back to the stage one by one, audiences can’t help giving a standing ovation, applauding continuously.
“At that moment, our languages were the same, because we all understood each other via music. We applauded for arts and for its infectivity, not for actors! We admire their art forms, and hope our own art can also stand on top of the world's art.
Our traditional instruments like Yang Qin, Guzheng, Erhu, Suona, and our traditional art forms such as Peking Opera, traditional opera singing, and Shadow Puppetry should be introduced more to the world, shocking the foreigners. Kids, stick to your interests. The world is yours, go shock the world!”
——Ms. Dou
04 London Film Festival and windfalls
It needs to explain that it is a coincidence to meet the stars in the festival, beyond the fixed schedule of the study tour.
The well-dressed movie stars on the red carpet all looked stunning, but they were also friendly. Among the celebrities that day, one walked directly to the teachers and asked if they want to take a photo together. Ms. Wu of UBE was so excited and totally absorbed in video recording, she even didn’t actually know the actress she took pictures with. Afterwards, being told by other teachers, Ms. Wu learnt that the actress was Michelle who played a major role in Furious 7.
The unexpected benefits from London tour are far more than these. 
Some found their admiring book stores, intoxicated;
Some found a place for their soul, and never thought that the other side of the ocean actually can also let the heart be at ease;
There are so many life details, and language knowledge, and the studious teachers already wrote down, waiting to share with the kids.
Different courses
The exciting activities mentioned above were all planned as leisure ones. The study tour spent most time in the teaching and research class.
Kristina and Jonathan are mainly responsible for the courses of this study tour. One is experienced and still facetious and lifeful even though she was more than 60 years old, while the other is lively and handsome, good at summarizing and always enlightens the class.
Two weeks of courses with full of information pressured the teachers of the study tour but also stimulated them, and the teachers also forged a profound friendship with these two trainers.
When taking graduation photos, the lively Jonathan was resigned to serve as a “human flesh background” and united the teachers to spoof.
Kristina hugged each teacher warmly, and even cried in farewells.
The British study ended in a satisfactory way, while teachers studying at American universities just starts…
MSU study tour group of Chinese key English teachers, organized by SETRA
Later, the editor will keep following up the wonderful experience of the American study tour, coming soon…
There are infinite truths in the broad world,
We are both explorers and guiders;
Watch you in a far distance,
And bring kids to a wider stage.
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