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The 3rd China International Teaching and Research Convention was held in Nanjing

The 3rd China International Teaching and Research Convention was held in Nanjing

The 3rd China International Teaching and Research Convention was held in Nanjing

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From the 19th to the 20th of September, 2018, the 3rd China International Teaching and Research Convention was held in Nanjing International Expo Center. It is launched and organized by ‘SETRA’, a Chinese non-government educational teaching and research institution. In collaboration with the support of Non-Government Education Association of Jiangsu Province, almost 3000 people attended the convention, including teachers, headmasters and educational experts and scholars from all parts of China, as well as famous authors and educational specialists from University of Cambridge, Michigan State University, TESOL, ESOL, and other world famous universities and language education authorities from Canada and Australia. The convention was divided into four sessions: Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speeches, English Teaching Session, Chinese Teaching Session and Educational Leadership Session.
In the opening ceremony, Jane Ji, initiator of China International Teaching and Research Convention, founder of SETRA (Senior Education and Teaching Research Academy), MPhil and PhD at the University of Cambridge, gave the welcome & opening remark. Then Zhu Xiaochun, deputy secretary general of Non-Government Education Association of Nanjing Province, Huang Yuanwei, secretary general of Non-Government Education Association of Liaoning Province, Ken Li, senior manager (East Asia) of Cambridge English Language Assessment, delivered speeches successively. They fully recognize and support the achievements of professional development of Chinese teachers and the exploit of international exchange from the convention, and also raise expectations of the convention development in the future.
In the main session, Chu Zhaohui, researcher of National Institute of Education and Sciences, analyzed about how to regularize non-government education training institutions under the circumstance of exam-oriented education; Lawrence Zwier, Associate Director for Curriculum and Instruction in the English Language Center at Michigan State University, expounded how to cultivate students to improve expression standard systematically via idioms, metaphors, and pictures in mind; Peter Dudley, coordinator of ELSI MPhil at the University of Cambridge, made a speech about how to improve pupil learning, transform teaching and build schools as learning communities; Wang Weiyong, professor at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Taiwan National Cheng Kung University, demonstrated how to teach the Enlightening Book Rules of Chinese Rhythm, recited classical poetry and received continuous applause.
In each parallel sessions, almost 50 top English teachers, educational specialists and headmasters at home and abroad made keynote speeches. Professor Colin Ward, ESOL Chair & Professor of Lone Star College; Katy Kelly, teaching expert of Young Learners English of IH London; Jose Lara and Lesley Speer, prize-winner of Australia Pearson Award in 2015; Devon Thagard, co-creator & songwriter of Super Simple Songs; Jane Hoelker, education specialist at the Duke University; Matthew Rynbrandt, ELC coordinator at the Michigan State University; Matthew Layer, academic coordinator at the Unibridge International Education; Alice Savage, professor at the Berkeley & Lone Star College; Simon Cox and Katy Kelly, Cambridge Assessment CELTA teacher trainer; Li Jing, initiator of Chinese Elementary Liberal Education, executive director of China Yanhuang Culture Research Association specializing in children enlightenment education, and writer of General Education for Genius ∙ Four Character Classic; Wang Xianping, founder of Xianping Sinology Academy; Deng Liang, education practitioner in universities, high schools and primary schools; Cai Jinning, senior literary editor and commentator, and deputy writer of Poetry and Writing; Li Haiming, Chinese teaching director at the Unibridge International Education; Li Nai, Educational Researcher at Edtech Lab, Imperial College Business School; Yezizi, contract writer at the Wuhan Writers’ Association; Wu Jiahong, education master & headmaster of Liaoshen Street No.2 Primary School, Shenyang; Du Jian, headmaster at the Shenyang Dadong Branch School, Unibridge International Education; Guo Xianwei, headmaster of national operating center, Dashan Education Group; Wu Yang, Wang Shuang and Liu Xinxin, top English teachers in China.
It aims to organize and promote the teachers in non-government institutions to learn from each other, to improve teaching quality and to build a platform for developing international communication, in order to promote the professionalism and internationalization of teachers, and to enhance the integral teaching quality of Chinese basic education. Now, under the situation of the reform by the four ministries, non-government education is now going through an intensive reform, so this conference is of great significance to the self-regulation and quality upgrade of non-government education.
The convention received consentaneous reputation, and is considered as the high-level & high-quality international communication event in the circle of education of China.
In the end, congratulations on the success of the 3rd China International Teaching and Research Convention hosted by SETRA in Nanjing on September 19th to 20th, 2018! We would like to thank all educators for being here. Thank Non-Government Education Association of Nanjing Province, Nanjing International Expo Center and relevant departments of Nanjing. We are very grateful for the trust, efforts and support of all staffs! See you next year!